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Did You Mean to Fall Like That?

Did You Mean to Fall Like That?

Stephanie Martin

Writer: Stephanie Martin

Director: Scott Le Crass

Producer: David Shopland

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13 Jul

15 Jul


Charlie played by the rules, married the right woman, took the right job. His marriage and life have unravelled and he's starting his life again, unexpectedly falling for a man for the first time. A study of divorce, fertility problems and heartache counterbalanced by the joys of later in life sexual and personal awakening. Join Charlie as he heals, rejects the pressures of society and embraces sexual fluidity. Finding joy, love and connection in surprising places.

A brand new comedy exploring contemporary masculinity and male bisexuality by award-winning writer Stephanie Martin, directed by Scott Le Crass and performed by James McGregor.

Running time approx 60 mins

Trigger Warnings: References to Depression, IVF and Infertility


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