About Us

About Seven Dials Playhouse

Seven Dials Playhouse is the West End’s home for the development of professional theatre and artists. A 100-seater venue, Seven Dials Playhouse presents a year-round programme of world-class quality theatre consisting of contemporary text-based plays and musicals, as well as an Associated Programme of events which respond directly to the themes of each production.

With a focus on World/European/UK/London premieres, revivals and adaptations, Seven Dials Playhouse creates opportunities for people to collaborate on bold, creative and high-quality work while providing journeys of enlightenment and entertainment for artists and audiences alike.

Seven Dials Playhouse is a rebrand of The Actors Centre, following an extensive overhaul of its programming structure and business model. Opening up the organisation to appeal to the entire creative industry will mark the theatre as a truly inclusive and open organisation. Seven Dials Playhouse is a relevant, dynamic and exciting organisation that responds to what the industry needs today.

Chief Executive
Amanda Davey


Executive Creative Producer
Mitchell Reeve


Head of Marketing and Communications
Jamie Tuohy


Marisol Spensieri



Andrew Subramaniam (Acting Chair)

Elliot Barnes-Worrell

Faye Castelow

Ian Nicol

Jamie Wilkes

When not in use for the Associated Programme, the studios at Seven Dials Playhouse are available to book by the hour.

Studio 1: £30 per hour
Studio 2: £20 per hour

To enquire about studio availability, please email boxoffice@sevendialsplayhouse.co.uk.

For corporate hires, a bespoke package will be created – please email marisol@sevendialsplayhouse.co.uk to discuss further.
Submitting Your Work to Seven Dials Playhouse

With a focus on new writing, European/UK/London premieres, revivals and adaptations, Seven Dials Playhouse provides creates opportunities for people to collaborate on bold, creative and high quality work.

Each production at Seven Dials Playhouse runs from 4 - 6 weeks. If you have an exciting project that you think would suit our venue, please fill in the form below.